Heart For The House Common Questions

What is a stewardship campaign?

A stewardship campaign is a church-wide concerted effort to raise funds for the purchase or development of real estate. It is a way to challenge God’s people to discover God’s will for our lives in a new and exciting dimension in the area of giving.

Why are we starting a stewardship campaign?

In order to realize the long standing vision to have a ministry campus for the sole purpose of worshipping God and reaching out to the community and beyond. That dream begins with acquiring the right piece of property. The next step in this journey is building the first phase of our location on the property we purchased in 2008.

How and when will the campaign be conducted?

The campaign will be held from September 9 through October 28, 2012. A series of home Vision Desserts, stewardship lessons, Sunday morning pastoral messages, and print materials will occur to present the Heart for the House vision to the congregation.

Why should I attend a Vision Dessert?

These small group meetings are designed to give each
of us an opportunity to hear about the campaign plans and the vision of our relocation.

When will the campaign end?

Commitment Sunday, October 14, is the day when we make our threeyear stewardship commitments . Celebration Sunday, October 28th will conclude the campaign, which will be held at the Eisemann Center to house all of our weekend experiences in one amazing service .

Why do we need a new location/building?

To meet the present and future ministry needs of nursery, children,
fellowship, parking and worship space for our growing congregation. We have maximized our potential growth in our current location.

How much will the initial phase cost?

Because of the undeveloped nature of the property, costs will include elevation leveling, running utilities and the actual structure work of our new home. That cost will be $10.7 million. We still currently just under $2 million on the relocation property, bring our total cost to $12.7 million.

Is there a scriptural basis for this type of campaign?

Yes. The Bible gives examples of special projects that challenged God’s people to give extra offerings in addition to what they normally gave (Exodus 25 and 35, I Chronicles 29).

When will construction begin at the new location?

It is feasible, contigent upon the formal approval from the membership of Northplace, the satisfaction of building and tax requirements of the city of Sachse and a successful campaign, that we could start construction in the Spring of 2013. After that construction could be completed in 12-18 months.

How much will I be expected to give?

There is no set formula, no “my fair share.” Each of us should begin to seek the Lord for direction on how much He desires to provide through us. Our giving should be above and beyond our tithe and missions giving and should involve sacrifice and an act of faith on our part.

How long do I have to fulfill my commitment?

Giving will be spread out over a 36-month period. You can give weekly, monthly, or in one-time gifts. Some may also wish to donate tangible assets. If appropriate, the church will issue a letter of receipt for those items and you may include their reasonable or market value in your
charitable giving on your tax return.

How will Commitments to the Campaign be made?

Commitments will be made weekly, monthly, or annually over the next three years. Commitment cards will be completed by the congregation on Commitment Sunday, October 14, 2012.

Will anyone contact me regarding my giving?

We will continue to send giving statements as we always have, which will conveniently include records of your regular and stewardship campaign offerings. Your giving is a covenant between you and God and is based only on His leading. No one will “police” your giving. It is important to remember that this is not so much an issue about raising money or building buildings as it is about our hearing God’s voice, stepping out in faith, and watching as He provides and uses each of us to fulfill His calling on this church!

How can I help?

First of all, pray. Pray about your commitment and what God would have you do. Secondly, listen. Listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Listen to the information that will be provided at the PIE (Pastor’s information Exchange) Meetings. Listen to the heart of the vision as it is expressed by the leadership team. Lastly, obey. Whatever God tells you to do, do willingly with a cheerful heart knowing God’s rewards will far overshadow any sacrifice you may make.

What will it take for our campaign to succeed?

If each of us will pray, search the Scriptures, and respond in obedience, not only will our campaign be successful, but more importantly, we will accomplish the purposes God has for us as individuals and as a church.