ear Northplace Church Family,

This website is your introduction to our Heart for the House stewardship
campaign. A simple scan of the Bible reveals one unwavering fact…

God loves His church! No verse makes that any clearer than Ephesians 3:10 (NIV)

His intent was that now, THROUGH THE CHURCH, the
manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms

Isn’t that amazing?! THROUGH THE CHURCH, the wisdom of God, the plan of God is made known. The angels stand amazed and the earth is transformed by the grace of God manifested THROUGH THE CHURCH. The name of Jesus is made famous in the entire world THROUGH THE CHURCH! That’s God’s eternal plan.

There is only one valid explanation for why God has chosen us…frail, yet forgiven people…to make the name of Jesus famous in all the earth. We are the only ones who can sing the song that the angels can’t even sing! We’ve been redeemed! We understand His inexplicable grace, because He has transformed our hearts and He is changing us by His grace. It’s the magnificence of His plan. He chose to use the Church!

It’s even more humbling to realize that God has destined Northplace Church to be the megaphone of His wisdom and plan to this region and ultimately the world. To fulfill this vision, God is calling us to join together and believe Him for the resources to build the first phase in our relocation strategy.

If God made His church the megaphone to declare His plan of salvation, He must have a heart for His house! Will you let Him stir in you that same passion to expand the impact and influence of His house? As followers of Jesus Christ we need to love what He loves, build what He builds and advance what He advances; by doing so we will build a church that declares God’s wisdom and purpose to our world.