In 1921,

George Eastes, a resident of Sachse, had a life-changing experience with Christ in revival services held in Dallas. Mr. Eastes’ passion began to spread and other spiritually hungry people joined him in small cottage prayer meetings. Around a shared passion for Christ, a genuine sense of biblical Community was fostered and a church was born.

In 1925,

our forefathers exhibited an amazing display of faith and moved into an empty bank building in Sachse, which they soon outgrew. In 1926, they took a huge risk and purchased a lot that is a part of the piece of land where we currently worship. Sachse Assembly of God’s first church building was constructed. Through the years, as the congregation grew, they mustered the courage to expand multiple times.

Possessing the same passion for God and entrepreneurial spirit as their founding fathers, the members of Sachse Assembly of God chose to change their name to Northplace Church in 2007 to reflect the regional commitment of their vision.

Regardless of the economic climate and season in which the church has found itself, history reveals a community of faith moved by Compassion for their neighbors and their world. In over 90 years of existence, this group of believers has given tens of millions of dollars to global evangelization and mercy ministries.

As you can see, the key words of Northplace’s history have been Christ, Community, and Compassion.


over 2000 people from every corner of the metroplex call Northplace Church
home and these believers weekly experience each of these historic and biblical values in their lives.

The God that changed the life of George Eastes in 1921 is still transforming lives at Northplace Church today.
Tens of thousands in our region still wait on that experience. We must not sit idle!